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The power of beauty

Hello everyone, I'm really excited to share my new publication at the Acontece Magazine from Miami, Florida. This picture was made in Fort Lauderdale a couple of years ago, but just now I was able to publish it in a project that really make sense to me.

Acontece Magazine is one of the partners who have always invited me to participate in the fashion photography session, and I love it. It such an amazing pleasure to be able to share my art with the magazine's readers. This month's issue brings us a special article about the power of beauty, and it brings together different Brazilian photographers to participate together in the same project. Each photographer had an opportunity to share a picture from their own archive that represents the idea of beauty, and to explain in a few words why they chose it. Well, this picture is a special one for me, because it was made not for a paid job, but only for art. Besides that, this picture tells me a lot about beauty. I wrote for the magazine:

"I believe that beauty is the result of the composition of all the elements of the photography - which are also beautiful by themselves. The way in which we capture how the elements of the image relate and interact with each other is the secret. The photography is beautiful, if in the end, it tells you a story and makes you think."

The girls in the picture are Giovana Ventorini (@giventorini) and Tiphanye Charitatos (@ti.charitatos). They are both Brazilian models that I met in a Brazilian group chat. I invited them for the photoshoot, and they were totally down for it, To complete the team, I also invited Karla Andrade (@beuty_bykarlaa). Karla is a friend of mine, and an amazing makeup artist, and hair designer. I had the honor to work with Karla in different projects along my career as a photographer. It's always a such pleasure to work with her, and we always have a lot of fun during our photoshoots. This time it wasn't any different. We had an excellent time planning and executing the whole photoshoot with the girls. The models were really professional, and both gave the best of themselves for those pictures.

What a dream team. Any fashion photographer would be lucky to work with a team like this. I hope you enjoy the photoshoot with the same intensity I do.


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