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Leonardo Vicario, fashion photographer in Miami, Florida

fashion photographer in miami

Hi, my name is Leonardo Vicario, but you can call me Leo. I'm a Brazilian photographer that’s been living and working in South Florida since 2016.

I studied photography during my college years and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertisement and Marketing. I’ve been working in photography ever since. My passion for travel brought me to South Florida, where I met my true love <3 - and established myself as a professional photographer here over the past 6 years. 

I have always loved art and photography is my medium for expression. Fashion and editorial photography have been my true passions when it comes to my work; however, I also love to do family vacation pictures, portraits, and events.


I have had the pleasure of working in this industry for more than a decade. This career has allotted me amazing experiences working with magazines doing covers and fashion editorials, fashion events, working with local and international celebrities and influencers, and more.

Miami is a wonderful place with so many opportunities! Beautiful beaches, hot weather all year, amazing natural light, and a lot of fashion happening all the time. Which photographer wouldn't enjoy working in a location like that?!

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