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The Brazilian singer Paula Lima in Pompano Beach

Paula Lima singing  in Pompano Beach, Florida
Paula Lima in Pompano Beach, Florida by Leonardo Vicario

What a woman, what a voice! Meeting and officially photographing Paula Lima in Pompano Beach, Florida was an amazing experience.

I was already a fan of the singer's work before I met her. I even taught my American husband to listen and to sing her songs.

When I found out that I was going to photograph and film her for a special interview for the Amaury Jr. show (a famous TV show in Brazil), it was a kind of gratitude. It's really nice when we work with someone we admire. This is one of the reasons I love my job as a professional photographer in Miami.

Paula is one of the most charming people who inhabit the earth. Attentive with all of her fans, and super professional with all the people around her. She likes the warmth of her audience. She caters to everyone. Not only that, but she hugs them, kisses them, and takes a lot of selfies with everybody.

When she took the stage the day before the official event happened, to perform a sound check, it felt as if time had frozen. The empty space, with only the concert's crew making final adjustments, was completely immersed by her mesmerizing voice. Everything seemed to be connected directly with the universe. It was in those magical moments that everything made sense. I took my camera, and what I photographed was a lot of love, a lot of energy, and a lot of sincerity.

This sequence of photos was rigorously chosen by myself. I tried to capture in these pictures a little bit of the power and the strength that Paula Lima brings in her voice. And I hope I got that.


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