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Miami, 28 degrees and so much love!

Naira and Guilherme!

What a wonderful couple to photograph!!!

This is the incredible couple I photographed - during their vacation - here in Miami. They are friendly, fun, and clearly made for each other! Additionally, Naira is 7 months pregnant with beautiful Isa, which made the shoot even more special.

This was our first photoshoot together, scheduled, of course, by my partner Fotos na Mala.

For this photoshoot in Florida, we chose South Beach, the heart of the vibrant city of Miami, as the backdrop for the session.

South Beach is delightful and full of beautiful and unique settings. Under a 28-degree sun, we ventured around this super fun place.

For those who love the Miami lifestyle, this is the perfect place to photograph. The famous and historic Art Deco-style hotels, built in the 1920s, fill the beautiful landscape of Miami's Ocean Drive, always resulting in beautiful travel photos and good memories! Among my favorite hotels are The Colony and Avalon.

By the way, I highly recommend the tour for those who enjoy art and architecture.

We also explored some of the beach vegetation. I love the contrast between the green plants and the earthy tones of the beach. In fact, this is a great tip for creating more romantic and profound photographs for your photoshoot in Miami.

To wrap up, of course, we couldn't miss a quick stop at the beach! We enjoyed the sunset by the Miami shoreline and also took some cool photos at the lifeguard hut, which is a city landmark, of course.

Would you like to have a photoshoot in Miami too? Get in touch here.

Tip for those planning to photograph in Miami:

  • Since it's a beach, I always recommend wearing light and comfortable clothes.

  • Since Miami is very colorful, it's also worth focusing on neutral colors like white, beige, nude, and earth tones.

  • Don't forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the shoot.

  • As a meeting point, I always recommend The Colony Hotel (736 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139) because right across the street, there is a CVS pharmacy, beach access, a shower, and public restrooms.


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